When not moonlighting as a Dr.Who companion, Yee Jee spends his days working for MODX, his favourite (only) content management system. His hands-on management of the web build was the key, deciding factor in making it over budget and behind schedule. Good job, Asian Child.

In all seriousness, we had a great team on this: Ryan Plesko engineered the user experience, which features a content-rich, AJAX-y, single-page layout. Roman Klos headed up the development efforts, integrating the TARDIS themed design by project Mastermind Robert Doyle. And let's not forget the MODX core software development team, without whom we'd be left trying to squish the design into a cookie-cutter WP theme ;) OK that was a bit cheeky - Yee Jee loves all open source software...but especially MODX. Vive la MODX!